Launching Your Webinar Just Got 10X Easier

Get the frameworks, templates, and expert help you need to launch high-converting webinar in as little as 30 days, with zero stress or overwhelm.

“Absolutely integral in giving us the best practices of how to set up, run, and market our webinar.”

Boris Gefter

Founder, Cogsworth

Picture this.

You’ve just finished your live webinar. Your inbox is flooded with new leads. Your sales team is scheduling demos left and right.

Over the next month, you continue to release multiple pieces of content...all from that one webinar. You’ve got your content calendar fully planned out, with valuable partnerships and powerful case studies from your webinars.

And the best part? You have the tools to repeat this process any time you want.

As SaaS founder, you already know that webinars are an incredibly powerful tool to generate leads and acquire new customers.

But you still have important questions:

  • What types of content will resonate with your audience?
  • How do you promote the webinar?
  • What are the best practices for launching?

The WebinarGrow Consulting Program answers all of those questions and more. Use our proven playbook to launch your webinar, with 1-on-1 expert help every step of the way.

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Is the WebinarGrow Program Right For Me?

This program is for you if:

  • You are looking to create high-performing webinars consistently
  • You have 1-2 hours a week to work on your webinar
  • You have a solid understanding of your target market

This program IS NOT for you if:

  • You have not launched your SaaS
  • Your SaaS doesn’t solve a clear problem
  • You don’t have at least one consistent method of getting customers

“370 signups...dozens of testimonials saying how valuable the webinar was”

Nick Verity

Chief Strategy Officer, Cleverly

What People Are Saying

Boris Gefter

Founder, Cogsworth

Nick Verity

Chief Strategy Officer, Cleverly

What’s Included


To Recap, You Will Get:

  • 12 Months of Access to the WebinarGrow Training Area ($2997 value)
  • Campaign Checklists & Templates ($197 value)
  • Webinar ad swipe files ($197)
  • ​60 days of 1-on-1 consulting for your team ($2997 value)

Total Value: $6795

Your Investment:

Regular Price: $2997

Discounted Price For Pilot Members: $1997


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Get expert help launching your webinar


  • Expert help
  • 60-days of 1-on-1 consulting
  • Checklists & templates
  • No-risk, 7-day refund guarantee

Signature Program

We Will Build Your Entire Webinar Campaign


  • Completely done-for-you
  • Scripting, design, development
  • Hosting included
  • No-risk, 7-day refund guarantee


Question 1

Who is the ideal client for the Consulting Program?

Ideal clients for the Consulting Program typically have a customer LTV of at least $1000 and at least 500 email subscribers.

Question 2

How long does the process take?

Expect your first webinar to be about 30 days from when you start. 

Question 3

Can I do my webinar in less than 30 days?

Of course! But remember that this campaign includes promotion time, as well. You want to have ample time to email your prospects and run ad campaigns for your webinar.

Question 4

What kind of time commitment should I expect?

For the consulting program, expect to spend 3-4 hours a week working on your webinar.

Question 5

Do I have to pay for anything separately?

Yes, you would pay for your tech stack: your webinar platform, your email marketing software, and your landing page builder. If you are running ads, you would also pay for those.

Question 6

I’m not sure which program is right for me. Can you help?

Of course! Just book a time to chat and we’ll walk you through both options.

Question 7

How does the 1-on-1 consulting work?

If you have a question, we’ll answer it. :) During each phase of the process, there are check-in calls to make sure you are on track. We will also give you email and video feedback on your materials.

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